Saturday, March 27th, 2021

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10:30am – 11:00amWelcome to Day 2 of Money Lab: Monetary Experiments and Economies for Arts & Culture. MoneyLab website Ela Kagel

Community Currencies, Social Capital & Basic Income
Discussion with Valentin Seehausen, Julio Linares, Blanka Vay, moderated by Inte Gloerich.
MoneyLab website Valentin Seehausen, Julio Linares, Blanka Vay
12:00pm –
How to start a Community Currency as a non-profit? Workshop by Valentin Seehausen (Social Coin Siegen / Open Currency Technology).
Based on the example of Social Coin Siegen, Valentin Seehausen is going to introduce participants into the design of community currencies. Participants can expect insights into token engineering, community activation, marketing work and will get an idea on how to avoid common mistakes. Valentin will also share basic knowledge around the creation of a demurrage UBI system, so that everyone gets a clear idea of what creating a community currency actually entails. 
This workshop is particularly designed for members of non-profits that are interested to start a community currency. No specials skills or preparations needed.

Workshop seats are limited, therefore booking is essential! Register for your free ticket here:
Workshop: Registration only!
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Valentin Seehausen
1:30pm – 3:00pmCIRCLES – Build Local Economy Together
Workshop by Blanka Vay & Julio Linares (CIRCLES cooperative).
Circles is a basic income made to promote local economy within your community. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the Circles token economy and will work on their own strategy on how to implement Circles as a basic income means in their communities, neighbourhoods or projects.
Those who have no Circles wallet yet will be guided through setting up their own wallet, so they can start collecting TRUST right away.
This workshop is for community managers, cultural workers, basic income activists & everyone involved in building micro-economic structures in their neighbourhood.

Workshop seats are limited, therefore booking is essential! Register for your free ticket here:
Workshop: Registration only!
Please sign up HERE
Blanka Vay & Julio Linares
12:00pm- 2:00pmSocialising Tokens
Where is the social in social tokens and what implications does quantification have on online communities? A discussion looking at the emergent field of social tokens and digital community currencies, unravelling metrics of value, models of access and exclusion, and the tension between community and public interests. A discussion by and with Sarah Friend, Mat Dryhurst, Laura Lotti and Wassim Alsindi.
MoneyLab website &
Livestream via TRUST.
Sarah Friend, Mat Dryhurst, Laura Lotti, Wassim Alsindi
2:00pm – 3:15pmParticipatory Governance Tools in Cultural Policy:
Decentralisation, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, distributed organisations & digital cooperatives. These buzzwords hold a promise for a future in which governance can and will be more participatory, democratic, diversified and sustainable. In this session Yael Sherill will be joined by Janina Benduski, program director at LAFT Berlin, a prominent local cultural advocacy organisation for the performing arts, to discuss whether and how digital automation could radically advance the aims of the organisation and its tried and tested techno-organisational mechanisms. This discussion will be followed by a session mediated by The Sphere & Curve Labs, in which we will collaboratively explore the grounds for the development and construction of a digital infrastructure for a participatory governance tool to distribute public funding for the Berlin performing arts community.
MoneyLab websiteYael Sherill and Janina Benduski
3:15pm – 3:30pmBREAK / Transition into next session
3:30pm – 5:15pmThe Sphere: Towards New Ecologies of Funding for the Arts:
Inspired by the recent innovations in the field of DLT (Blockchain) and P2P contributive economies, The Sphere is a transdisciplinary research-creation project for the development of a digital infrastructure for self-organization in the performing arts. It allows for different actors of the performing arts ecosystem to initiate creative collaborations and implement new funding strategies.
This session will be the occasion to creatively explore 3 constitutive dimensions of the Sphere’s commons-oriented approach 1. The Anarchive: a dynamic, process-oriented archive of artistic works that operates as a digital common repository for artistic knowledge and practice; 2. a contributive accounting and IP management system to facilitate collaboration within decentralized open value networks; 3. a cryptoeconomic interface, developed in collaboration with Curve Labs, enabling liquid ownership and dynamic governance structures adapted to the coming economy. A participatory online session by Erik Bordeleau and The Sphere Crew.
MoneyLab websiteErik Bordeleau + Sphere crew
5:15pm –
BREAK / Transition into next session
5:30pm – 6:30pmBlack Swan DAO
Black Swan is a digital initiative enabling governance mechanisms and collective fund allocation for communities of creative practitioners. Laura and Calum introduce the project and present findings from recent governance experiments.
A talk by Laura Lotti and Calum Bowden, TRUST.     
MoneyLab website &
Livestream via TRUST.
Calum Bowden, Laura Lotti
6:30pm – 18.45pm BREAK / Transition into next session
6:45pm – 8:00pmInvisible Economy is creating an economic model for the arts based on intrinsic motivations and social norms called the Invisible Economy. It allows a global community of artists to create collaborative digital art driven by intrinsic motivations, and receive a social dividend regardless of the free-market while creating collective long-term wealth.
A talk by Lenara Verle,
MoneyLab websiteLenara Verle
8:00pm – open endCollective Action: Drink & Draw
Join for a Drink and Draw live drawing event with artists from around the world. Bring your own drink of choice, chat with us, and try your hand at speaking visually. No drawing experience required.
The event will happen on the DADA Invisible Economy Discord server. You can create an account on beforehand.
Please join us here for the Drink & Draw:
Join Discord link
Lenara Verle