Friday, March 26th, 2021

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4:30pm – 5.00pmWelcome to MoneyLab Berlin:
Thoughts on Disaster Capitalism
by Ela Kagel, initiator of MoneyLab Berlin & managing partner of SUPERMARKT and Geert Lovink, initiator of MoneyLab and founder of the Institut of Network Cultures, Amsterdam.
MoneyLab websiteEla Kagel
5:00pm – 5:45pmDAO, DGOV, DIWO, DECAL – a roundup of shared experiences with empowering self-organised collectives through distributed forms of governance and technology.
A conversation with Ruth Catlow, co-founder of Furtherfield and Decentralized Art Lab (DECAL) & Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT).
MoneyLab websiteRuth Catlow, Ela Kagel
6:00pm – 7:00pmThe Essentials of DisCO – An introduction into the P2P/Commons, cooperative and Feminist Economic alternative to Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs).
Talk, followed by Q&A, by Irene López de Vallejo, Strategic Development and Sustainability at
MoneyLab websiteIrene López de Vallejo
7:00pm – 8:00pmTRUST – Shared Infrastructures and Imaginaries – An introduction to Trust, a collective project for the research, development and maintenance of shared infrastructures and imaginaries based in Berlin.
A presentation by Arthur Röing Baer, Calum Bowden and Joanna Pope.
MoneyLab website &
Livestream via Trust.
Arthur R. Baer, Calum Bowden, Joanna Pope
8.00pm – 9:30pmMONEY TALKS – A Participatory Online Debate on Crypto Art & NFTs
What are NFTs, why do people get excited by them and what are the controversies they spark? Why are they interesting, what possibilities do they open up, what are the important trends they point at? This session will start with an introduction to NFTs, followed by a deep-dive into interesting projects, marketplaces and infrastructures. Facilitated by the team of Economic Space Agency (ECSA), community members are invited to engage in a debate on Crypto Art and NFTs. An NFT primer, the structure of the session, the NTF-works analyzed, and the key questions for discussion are available at the MoneyLab Discord before the start!
MoneyLab website &
Zoom link for registered participants
ECSA & MoneyLab community

MONEY LAB Community Call-in: Across the Timezones
This session is dedicated to the wider MoneyLab community in different regions and time zones. We invite you to get in touch with us if you want to present your project or announce special events in this call. We look forward to a lively exchange with you!
With Denise Thwaites, Max Haiven and Akseli Virtanen on behalf of the MoneyLab board.
MoneyLab website &
Zoom link for registered participants
Members of the MoneyLab board.

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